By Jean-Marc Gauthier. Automotive - Driving - Mobility - Connected Objects

Context and ideas for the Connected Car.

The car is central to our individual transportation, now and in the future. But this mobility comes at a high price. Until recently, the environmental, urban and social problems created by the increasing number of cars have been brushed away, neglected or considered as something that can’t be changed in our way of life.

Today, there is strong social and political pressure for finding new car designs that will reduce pollution, noise levels, saturation of public spaces and traffic jams. The relationship between people and cars is slowly changing on many levels: ecological, economical, social, cultural and aesthetics. Today’s car is the largest personal device but ironically today’s pedestrian can be more connected to the rest of the world than the driver of a car; for many reasons


The project of a green environment goes beyond driving and car technology, it creates new opportunities for mobility, health and the future of a city. This evolution is a slowprocess that opens many opportunities and encounters many kind of resistance.