How can we work together?
By Jean-Marc Gauthier. Design - Experience Design - Client

Let's meet first

Please send us an email, introduce yourself and let us know what you have in mind or what your project is about. Do you already have an idea that you would like to develop further or would like us to help find ideas for you? Perhaps you would like to set up an appointment to discuss the project in person. We will tell you if we are a good match to work with you on your project.

After the Tinker too team meets, we will share our notes and send you a short proposal regarding your project. The proposal will include a description of the project, a conceptual drawing, the resources and assets that we need from you to move forward, an overview of what we will deliver and when, budget and payments, and how often we will meet. Although we will keep it short, please read it carefully because it has all of the important details about your project and how we will work together. After your approval of the proposal, we will start working with you and for you.

Our Method

On average our projects take from 6 weeks to three months once the concept and the budget are approved. We bring a 360 degree vision; looking at everything from product design to branding and customer service in order to build a relationship with a consumer, a user or a viewer.

As designers and experience designers, we focus on sending positive messages to your consumers about your products and about your brand. As designers, we develop the “functional” requirements that allow the product to do what it is meant to do. For example, when designing a product that saves time for the consumer, we will provide two series of evaluations of time that can be quantified. We will compare the timing of actions before the new product existed and the timing of the same actions when using the new product.

Goals for the designer

  • to oversee aspects of the product design content, strategic use of color, typography, music, imagery
  • to create a seemless convergence between code and design
  • to create working demos, MVPs and fully working prototypes that can be easily fabricated
  • to create online and offline identity of a product centered around the user, the viewer, the customer
As User Experience Designers (UX), we deliver consistent customer experiences across multiple devices. We use the prototyping process to validate the revenues associated with the new product.

Goals for the User Experience Designer

  • to build the brand of a product online/off-line
  • to create a digital eco system of devices and media that will extend someone's experience of a product
  • to deliver consistent customer experiences across multiple devices
  • to deliver a user experience for products and services they use online
  • to build effort for quality and consistency
  • to appeal to different users’ sensibilities
  • to plan roadmap for future processes

What do you get for your money?

We will write down the idea for your product, design it, conceptualize it, storyboard it and produce it. We will produce, edit, publish and deliver a working demo, a proof of concept or a fully working prototype. We will strategize financing and help with applications for investors and grants. You can use our full service; from concept, to production to delivery and publishing on apps, devices and on the web. You can also hire us piece-meal if you are in need of a creative pitch, to lease one of our products or to hire someone; let us know how we can help.

Some other skill sets that we bring to the table include:

Project Management Engineer Technology specialist Developer Budget manager Producer Writer 2D or 3D Digital Artist 2D or 3D Animator Video artist Sculptor Model maker Special effects artist