Digital Longform is a collaborative form of storytelling.

What makes a great reading experience online? Have you tried these digital longform documentaries on the web?

Digital longform is a domain where collaboration between writers, photographers, video makers, web designers, audio designers and programmers is fully integrated from the start. This is an iterative process where each piece of content is created for publication on the website or on an app. Digital longform has been a game changer from its creation in 2012 with Snow Fall by the New York Times. One of the first attempts was Ian Coyle's Nike Better World in 2011.

A reference that has set the bar for digital longform documentaries is SnowFall from the New York Times, created in 2012.
It offered a new way to weave text and videos. The animations and videos include several layers of information or overlays: vector graphics, texts. The interactivity is controlled by scrolling down the page.
Firestorm Guardian

Space walk BBC

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Online magazine and interactive video documentary

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